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Posted on 10th Apr 2014 @ 2:50 PM




April 3rd    The Revenue Marine Service ( US Coast Guard ) was established on this

                 day in 1790 


April 4th    In 1818 on this day, US Congress adopted the American flag with 13 Red

                and White stripes and a star for each state ( 20 at that time ) 


April 5th    U S President George Washington used the presidential veto for the first time

                 in the United States to veto a bill meant to apportion the representatives

                 among the US states


April 7th    On this date in 1798 the territory of Mississippi was created with land ceded 

                from Georgia and South Carolina.  It was later increased twice to included

                disputed land belonging to the U.S. and Spain


April 9th    In 1867 the Alaska Purchase passed by a single vote.   The US Senate 

                ratified the purchase from Russia 


April 10th    In 1606 The Charter of The Virginia Company of London was established as

                  a royal charter by James I of England for the purpose of creating  

                  settlements in North America

                  The last photograph of Abraham Lincoln was taken on this day in 1865


April 11th    On this day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln made his last public speech


April 12th    The first U S colonists on the Pacific coast landed at Cape Disappointment

                  (WA) on this date in 1811


April 13th    After 34 hours of bombardment Fort Sumter surrenders to the Confederates

                  in 1861.  On the same date in 1865 General Sherman began his march

                  through Georgia.


April 14th   1865  US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth

                 at the Ford Theatre in Washington D.C.  US Secretary of State William

                 Seward and his family were attacked in their home in Washington by Lewis



April 15th  Abraham Lincoln died at 7:22 am on this date in 1865 after being shot by John

                Wilkes Booth the previous evening

                Andrew Johnson became the 17th president of the United States

April 19th  On this date the Battle of Lexington and Concord began the  

                American Revolutionary War.  The Captain of the Colonial

                Minutemen, John Parker, ordered the men at Lexington not to fire

                unless fired upon.  The first shot became known as "the shot heard

                'round the world".

                In 1783 on this same date, George Washington proclaimed the end

                of the hostilities between the British and the Colonies.

                The Netherlands recognized the United States of America on this

                date in 1782.


April 20th   In 1777 New York adopted a new constitution as an independent


                 Congress passed an act on this date in 1836 that created the

                 Wisconsin Territory.


April 21st  On this date in 1856 the first train crossed over the Mississippi on a

                newly contstructed bridge from two railway centers, Rock Island,

                Illinois to Davenport , Iowa


April 22rd  Captain John Paul Jones of the Ranger led the landing party on

                Whitegate  England in 1778.  Legend has it that as First Lieutenant

                he hoisted the "Gadsden" flag less  commonly known as

                the Hopkins flag( Admiral Hopkins  carried the flag as

                his standard) on board the Alfred instead of the

                Continental Colors.   This flag is recognized by its bright yellow

                field with the coiled snake and the words "Don't Tread On Me". 


               On this day in 1889 The Oklahoma Territory land was opened to

                the White homesteaders at Noon by President Harrison.  Previously

                these    lands were reserved for the Native Americans


April 23     President George Washington moved into Franklin House in New York City

                On this day in 1877 the last occupying Federal troops withdrew from New

                Orleans, LA.  This was twelve years after the end of the American Civil War


April 26     The first English colonists from the Jamestown colony made landfall at Cape

                Henry, VA on this date in 1607.  The objective was to establish a colony.

                On this day in 1865 Union cavalry men cornered and shot dead John Wilkes

                Booth, assassin of Abraham Lincoln


April 27    In 1861 West Virginia seceeded from Virginia after that state left

               the  Union    


April 28    On this day in 1788 Maryland became the 7th state to ratify the Constitution

               of the United States   


April 29   In 1861 Maryland's House of Delegates voted not to seceed from the Union


April 30   George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States

              on this date

              The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for

              $15,000,000 in 1803.  This purchase doubled the area of the United States.

              On this date in 1812 the Territory of Orleans, Eastern Louisiana, was admitted

              to the Union as the 18th state.