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Posted on 18th Nov 2014 @ 2:58 PM


Nov 2nd     George Washington gave his "farewell" address to his army at Rocky Hill, New Jersey on this date in 1783

                In 1889 North Dakota became the 39th state and South Dakota became the 40th on this date


Nov 3rd     The Plymouth Colony was granted a Great Patent in 1620


Nov 4th     The University of Washington opened on this date in 1861 as the Territorial University


Nov 5th     Idaho's Constitution was adopted on this date in 1889


Nov 6th     Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president on this date in 1860.  On this same date in 1861 Jefferson Davis was

               elected to a 6 year term as president of the Confederacy

Nov 7th    On this date in 1805 Lewis and Clark first viewed the Pacific Ocean


Nov 8th    Montana was admitted as the 41st state on this date in 1889


Nov 9th     The United States received the rights to Panama on this date in 1887


Nov 10th    US Marine Corps 240th Birthday on this day November 10th 2015.  The Continental Marines was established

                on this date in 1775


Nov 11th    Veterans Day   Originally Armistice Day in honor of the end of World War in 1918   Fly the US Flag


Nov 13th     The Denny Party arrived at Alki Point.  They were the first settlers of what became Seattle, Washington

                 Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 13, 1982


Nov 17th     The United States Capitol building held its first session of the United States Congress on this date in 1800


Nov 18th    US Navy Captain Nathanial B. Palmer discovered Antartica


Nov 19th     During the Civil War 1863 US President Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg Address

                     at the Military war cemetery dedication at Gettysburg


Nov 20th     New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights on this date in 1789 


Nov 21st     The Mayflower reached Cape Cod on this day.

                     The Plymouth colonists signed the Mayflower Compact

                      In 1789 North Caroline ratified the US Constitution and became the 12th state in the Union


Nov 22nd     President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas


Nov 26th      The first National Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in the Unlted States in 1789 on this date. 

                    It was recommended by George Washington and approved by Congress.  In 1941

                    Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared a Thanksgiving Holiday.

                   At a convention in Wheeling a  Constitution was adopted for the new state, West Virginia.


Nov 27th     Thanksgiving Day in United States     Fly the US Flag


Nov 28th     The Confederate Congress admitted Missouri to the Confederate States of America in 1861