Revolutionary War Flags

TAUNTON FLAG Citzens in various towns surrounding Boston, Massachusetts raised flags of protest against the Tea Act enforced by England.  One such town was Taunton where on October 1774 a union flag was raised on the top of a Liberty Pole.  It consisted of a red field with the British Union Jack as a square-shaped canton […]

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Historical Stars & Stripes

There are 27 legal flags that have flown throughout our history.  By law a star is added to the U.S. flag on the 4th of July following the admission of a State(s) to the Union.  No U.S. flag is ever obsolete; therefore, it is always a legal flag and may be flown at anytime. The thirteen […]

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Commodore Perry Flag

The Americans and the British were engaged in a fierce battle on June 1, 1813 a few miles north off the coast of Boston, Massachusetts.  On the US frigate Chesapeake the Captain James Lawrence was mortally wounded and lay dying in his cabin below deck.  His words allegedly were “Don’t give up the ship”. This […]

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